Free Initial Consultation

At Elite Dental we understand that you need to gain a sense of trust before you decide on a Practice that’s right for you. To help you gain that trust we offer a free Initial Consultation. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet the Team and have a tour of our Surgery. We will listen to and understand your concerns and show you photos of past patients who have had similar concerns, whose lives we have then changed.

During the Initial Consultation, we will take detailed records which include:

Necessary X–rays

Digital photographs

Gum health measurements

Accurate moulds of your teeth

Full muscle and Jaw joint evaluation

Oral Cancer Screen

This information will then help us to accurately plan which treatments are best suitable for the health of your mouth. We will then present the ideal treatment plan with alternative options for you, including all the benefits and risks of each.

This will allow you to decide what’s best for your long term dental health. Just contact us to arrange an appointment.


Terms and Conditions

Our free consultation fee is only available to patients undertaking private treatment of £1000 or more.  A fee of £75 will be initially charged for the consultation and will be refunded on completion of their treatment.

Patients who do not decide to commence with treatment will be charged the initial consultation fee.