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White Fillings

No dark teeth anymore, your teeth can have a more natural appearance, like they were before you had fillings.

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White fillings bond to the tooth using the latest adhesive technology to restore the tooth to its natural healthy appearance.

We believe that cosmetic, composite white fillings are the modern alternative to dark, silver amalgam fillings.
At Elite Dental we use the most up to date, contemporary white filling materials to produce the most cosmetic, longest lasting results.
We believe that where possible fillings should not be visible and we regularly attend courses and seminars to keep our techniques cutting edge.

Some advantages of white fillings include:
• Mercury free
• Restore the natural appearance of tooth
• Bonded to remaining natural tooth structure allowing for less removal of tooth substance.
• Can help strengthen remaining natural tooth.
The removal of amalgam fillings can provide patients with tooth coloured fillings that provide a more pleasing, mercury -free safe and healthy smile.

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